Red-capped Robin


This is my poetry ‘collection’ Wordfall. This exists as a Word document in an order I have chosen for the poems, which in the ordinary course of events would go to a publisher and be published as a book. However, I have tried to think of a new way for people to experience a poetry collection in the on-line age and have come up with this format.

Here I have supplied the title poem of the collection to set the scene and the reader clicks on the ‘Another Poem’ button; this generates a random poem from the collection, and after reading this the reader then clicks button again for another poem. Because the code generates a random poem the reader may never read every poem in the collection and will often see poems they have already seen before.

Let me know what you think by clicking the ‘feedback’ link in the navigation drop down above.


Wordfall in the time of the great dying
Has this for theme as it should.
And yet for the time of living,
For the generations—life with life—
It has words enough, and eager,
In all proper sense—the home of being.

© John Leonard 2019