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August 2022 Shakespeare in Virginia

Shakespeare in Virginia is a short novel based on the idea that Shakespeare’s death in 1616 was staged, and that after he went to work for the English secret service in the Virginia Colony. It is mainly written in the form of dialogue between the principal characters variously and could easily be turned into a TV or film script.

To be published by Austin Macauley Publishers (London) on 13 September 2024.

June 2020 Free Stuff!

I have now decided to stop selling my works through Lulu and just give them away instead! (I believe that as human societies get more selfish we should respond by getting more generous). So thanks to the National Library of Australia you can read the following works for free online:
The True History of Pocahontas
Think of the world’: Collected Poems 1986–2016
The Reawakening: Religion and the Future of Humanity

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I used to have a page of sample poems here, but now that you can see complete PDFs of many of my works, there is no need for this. See Publications.

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And you can read an interview I did in 2008 with Cordite magazine.

The Practicalities of Writing Poetry

This is an article of mine which appeared in Overland magazine in 2007. It was described by one reader as ‘schoolmasterly’ (which I took as a compliment).


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