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Besides my most recent publications, A Spell, A Charm and Wordfall , I have six published works to my name:





The Way of Poetry is an essay on Daoism and poetry, featuring some of my own poems (ISBN 978-1-931483-17-9). It is published by Three Pines Press (see under the ‘Dao Today’ tab) and costs US $16.95 or can be purchased as an ebook for US $8.00. You can see a small sample of the text on that site.

Braided Lands is my 2010 poetry collection, published by Ginninderra Press. (ISBN 978-1-74027-591-0). PDF of full text (560K).

Jesus in Kashmir is my 2003 poetry collection (ISBN 0 9581938 0 0). PDF of the full text is on the linked page.

100 Elegies for Modernity is a sequence of poems published in 1997 by Hale and Iremonger of Sydney (ISBN 0 86806 617 6). PDF of full text (600K).

Modernity is a prose work, published in 1996, that contains many of the arguments of 100 Elegies (ISBN 0 646 27616 6). PDF of the full text is on the linked page.

Unlove: 64 Poems was published in the UK in 1990 (ISBN 0 9515550 0 6). PDF of full text (300 kb).

Jesus in Kashmir and Modernity are available for reading at Google Books.

Although you can enjoy reading free PDFs of my works from this website, for the true reading experience you need hard copies. Fortunately hard copies of Braided Lands, Jesus in Kashmir, 100 Elegies for Modernity, Modernity and Unlove are available from me. They are all priced at $Aus10 each (including p&p in Australia); or you can purchase all five for $Aus30 (including p&p in Australia).

Please contact me if you want to purchase any of these from outside Australia and I can give you my PayPal details.

I also have a couple of PDFs of unpublished novels here.

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